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My 5 Christmas Fails

So it seems that my 7 tips for surviving Christmas didn’t work out so great after all. So I thought I’d share my five Christmas fails instead. I hope you all fared better.

Gingerbread 1
Diagram A: Gingerbread House Fail

1. Buying presents that I could in no way understand how to use/ construct. Cue youngster getting very annoyed with me and repeatedly requesting ‘mummy mend it, mummy mend it’. Oh if only I could. Here have a box instead!

Gingerbread 2
Diagram B: Oops, mummy appears to have eaten all the sweeties

2. The gingerbread house. Refer to diagram A, need I say more. Although I did appreciate having a supply of haribo like sweets that I could pluck off the roof of an evening when I got really desperate (see diagram B).

3. Having a toddler who doesn’t nap on Christmas eve or Christmas day just to make sure they get as fraught as possible with all the chaos of Christmas. Oh yes, present opening = meltdown central.

4. Attempting to create that festive family feeling (there it is again!) by attending the local Carol service. But instead of cooing over the cute kiddies in the nativity and singing my heart out to Away in Manger, I spent most of it outside freezing my butt off as my little one insisted on ‘running circles’ in the grave yard.  Arrrggghhh!!! Why oh why is it always my little one who refuses to sit on my lap and be still. What magic does everyone else use?!? Mild sedatives?

5. Arguing with the family and bursting into tears (see I told you to prepare for the tears!) because a) I’m exhausted b) I’m too emotional to deal with people questioning my parenting skills (or lack of them) and c) I’m exhausted.

Oh well, thank God that’s over. I’ve got 364 days to recover before I have to do it all over again.

Happy new year folks!

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