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Camping With Mum

Mum took me ‘camping’ this weekend – hi-la-ri-ous! I had great fun, but she was a right stress bag the whole time. I’m not sure why we didn’t just sleep in the garden.

The train was super busy on the way which meant mum got to sit on the floor!! I was well-jel. After I kicked up a bit of a fuss I got to join her :). Later on most of the people got off the train so we got to play chase. I kept winning though, mum was soooo slow at it!

Then mum said we were getting off the train. We weren’t though. The train stopped and the door wouldn’t open. Mum starting saying all these rude words (naughty mummy!), but we still didn’t get off. She was barging down the aisle and my poor buggy was getting bashed about, one of the bags even ripped open. I kept nice and quiet because I could see mum was going to lose her cool. Like they say, don’t react to a stressed mum, it just encourages them.

Eventually we got to the campsite. It was already dark but mum had this mini light on her head which went ping every time you pulled it, really hoping I get one for my birthday, I loved it but mum didn’t want to share. Meanie.

Mum cooked us pasta on this amazing little cooker thing that had flames, it looked super cool in the dark. I wanted to touch the flames but mummy was being a spoil-sport again. It was kind of funny to watch her try to stir the food with one hand and hold me back with the other one though. I let her win in the end because I figured she’d had a stressful day. Bless her.

We had blow up beds – I was so excited I couldn’t sleep and kept waking up. I wanted mummy to come and sleep on my bed with me. In the end she did, but all air went away. Mummy didn’t seem very pleased but we got to snuggle up on the floor all night so I was happy :).

All weekend I got to run around the campsite and play with the other kids. The big ones kept picking me up and running around with me. I loved it.

On the last day it was raining. Mum tried to keep me inside the tent – crazy mum! Eventually she gave up and let me go and run around in the rain. I didn’t have any clothes though because they had all got wet in the rain in the night. The buggy had a big puddle of water in it because mummy had left it outside all night – silly mummy. I’m sure Mr Google could have told her it was going to rain if she’d asked. Maybe she forgot to say please. Anyway, running around naked in the rain is pretty much like swimming, only you don’t have to wear armbands. I love swimming, but hate wearing armbands so this was fab. Mummy said she needs another holiday now. I can’t wait!


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